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如果学生/监护人/家长在注册并支付了所有在线课程后决定退出1881 Art Studio的任何课程,在两种情况下可以退款。

a. 退款申请必须在付款后48个工作小时内提交。
b. 学生尚未获得进入课程的登录信息或者材料。


Refund Policy

If a student/guardian/parent decides to withdraw any courses from 1881 Art Studio after he or she has registered and paid for the all online program, a refund can be issued under two conditions; 

a. A refund request must be submitted within 48 business hours of payment. 
b. Student has yet to gain access to course materials orthe student portal. 

If a refund request does not meet any of thesse conditions, no refund will be issued.

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